Pirouetting Pregnant Women In Pastels Remind Us That ‘Pregnant Women Are Smug’

pregnant women are smugEveryone has that special mother in their life who suddenly became so sanctimonious the instant that pregnancy test turned up positive. Granted, it’s a mommy stereotype that takes pearl-clutching to a whole other arena — which makes it prime for mocking.

The ladies of Garfunkel and Oates, otherwise known as Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome, take us back to that obnoxious garden party baby shower that you resented attending, accompanied by a musical version of your inner monologue. With some pastel pirouetting, big hats, and skilled back up dancers, they share with us “Pregnant Women Are Smug.” While I wouldn’t dare generalize, a little innocent prodding at pregnant lady scripts like “we don’t care, as long it’s healthy” and “we know, but we’re not telling anyone” makes for perfect song interludes. As are perched mothers breastfeeding one another’s infants with synchronized nursing.

If only disgruntled baby shower guests could burst into song and flutter across manicured lawns with equally manicured toes. If only every annoyed guest could suddenly declare to a table of  self-satisfied mommies that, “pregnant women are smug.”

[youtube_iframe id=”LbTB3ASkdOo”]

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