Pregnant Woman Fakes Labor To Dodge Speeding Ticket

I can’t even tell you how many times my friends and I, as teenagers and 20-somethings, tried to get out of a speeding ticket with fake excuses. “I’m sorry, Officer, but I’m having horrible period cramps and need to get home fast,” was the number one claim. One hundred percent of the time, we failed miserably.

Talking your way out of a ticket is hard! Not so for a pregnant New Zealand woman, however, who faked labor to get her friend out of a speeding ticket. According to MSN NZ News, police stopped the car after clocking it at more than 146km/h on state highway. Police found the woman passenger with her feet on the dashboard, saying she was about to give birth.They called for an ambulance, cordoned off part of the highway.

The woman, seven and a half months pregnant, arrived at the hospital only to discharge herself moments later and then hop into a waiting car, which sped off through red traffic lights. The 23-year-old driver will now face dangerous driving-related charges, reports MSN NZ News. No word on Ms. Preggers and whether she’ll be charged, but we’re not fans. She makes the rest of us look bad!

Speaking of which, Manitoba father David Weber got caught speeding his pregnant wife to the hospital for an emergency C-section. In this case, the cops were anything but useful. David’s wife, Genevieve, had experienced complications during the birth of the couple’s first child and was told by her doctor that a natural birth could put both her and the baby in danger, according to CTV News. So when she went into early labor, David rushed his wife to the hospital and was pulled over for speeding by the police, who waited 15 minutes before issuing him a $1000 speeding ticket it comes with an automatic license suspension and a warning to slow down.

Thirty minutes later David was pulled over again for speeding, only this time officers arranged to take Genevieve to hospital by ambulance (thank god!).

Those New Zealand cops my have been duped, but we say kudos to them for erring on the side of caution especially when it comes to the health of a pregnant woman. The Manitoba officer, on the other hand, not so much. Needless to say, poor David is appealing the charges.

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