This Pregnant Lady’s Pot Smoking Boyfriend Is A Woman-Beating Creep

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Pregnant Woman Beaten After Asking Boyfriend Not To Smoke PotSee, I have this weird opinion that all pot smokers are like, laid-back, super nice cheerful but sorta lazy people who may not have a lot of ambition when it comes to helping a pregnant lady like, paint her nursery but who would never do anything like this jerk baby daddy in Rock Hill did.

The story goes like this, a 19-year-old pregnant woman comes home to find her boyfriend,Cameron Lavar Anderson, getting stoned in their bathroom. The pregnant lady says “Hey, could you not smoke pot in the house because I’m pregnant?” and instead of like, saying “Sure baby, wanna go get some frozen yogurt and shop for a baby swing?” he then, according to the Charlotte Observer:

According to the woman, the boyfriend became upset and started throwing things at her in the bedroom.

The woman said he grabbed her by her arms, pinned her on the bed and started punching and hitting her, the report states.

And the pregnant lady had just returned from attending church!

Police have charged Cameron Lavar Anderson, 24, with criminal domestic violence, according to Rock Hill Police documents. He was released from jail Monday on a $1,000 bond.

Not to get all up in your business Cameron, but if pot makes you act like this much of an asshole you probably need to find a new drug to enjoy. At the very least, he could have just taken his dopey habit outside or to a friend’s house or something. There are no further reports on his story as of yet,  but I wonder if the couple is still together? I really hope not. It seems to me like this young woman could possibly meet a much nicer young man at church or something. Maybe after she gives birth. But maybe not, because I once was super bored about ten years ago and I read a romance short story where a heavily pregnant woman met her boyfriend while she was waiting in line at the grocery store and he only saw her from behind so he did not know she was pregnant when he hit on her as she stood there in line buying pregnant lady things, like nursing pads and hemorrhoid cream.

But they lived happily ever after and no one smoked pot and he never beat her the end!
(Image: Police handout/Charlotte Observer)