Awesome People Step Up for Pregnant Lady Whose Car Was Stolen with All Her Baby Supplies Inside

iStock_000050774284_SmallJennifer Abbey had a really bad weekend. On Saturday the pregnant 20-year-old left her car parked in front of her father’s house and drove his truck to the store. When she got back, her car had been stolen.

Abbey was devastated. Not only did she not know how she was going to be able to deal with the loss of her car, her vehicle had been full of new supplies for her baby–expensive supplies, like a car seat, stroller, etc.–and she knew she could not afford to replace them.

”I was completely devastated,” Abbey said in an interview with Yahoo Parenting. ”There were already so many horrible things going on in my life and that just topped it. So I was destroyed and hopeless and I just wanted to give up life completely. Like I had no hope. I was just very torn apart.”

Abbey had been forced to start living off unemployment because she worked as a manual laborer laying railroad track, and her doctor told her that it was unsafe to continue doing so while pregnant.

In a small turn of good fortune, Abbey’s car was found the next day in another neighborhood, but it was not in drivable condition, and all Abbey’s baby supplies were gone.

When the people who notified the police of the presence of the stolen car heard that it had been full of baby necessities that an expectant mother could not afford to replace, they told their neighbors, and the neighborhood full of strangers decided to chip in to replace them.

Abbey said she was stunned and overwhelmed when the Sheriff showed her the new car seat, stroller, diapers, and baby supplies that all these kind strangers had bought for her.

”It was amazing and I was very emotional,” Abbey said. ”As soon as [the Sheriff] opened the door and I started seeing baby gifts, I started crying because I had spent my last unemployment check on that baby stuff. Seriously, that was the last money I was going to get until I go back to work … it made that a beautiful thing to me. It gave me all that hope back. I just lost faith in humanity and it just crushed me that people could do that and then turn around and people did something very sweet.”

Photo: LPETTET/iStockPhoto/Getty Images

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