Pregnant Waitress Gets $900 Tip from Another Pregnant Woman

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A waitress in Phoenix, Arizona, who was waiting tables while nine months pregnant just got the holiday surprise of a lifetime when a customer gave her a $900 tip.

According to The Daily Meal,  29-year-old Sarah Clark is a server at a restaurant called Pita Jungle in Arizona. Last week a customer that Clark had seen before came by with her mother and placed a to-go order that came to a total of $61.30. Clark said the customer was also pregnant, and that they’d seen each other before and occasionally chatted about being pregnant. This time, though, Clark looked down after the woman and her mother had left with their food and saw that the woman had left her a $900 tip on that $61.30 bill.

“This is God’s money,” the woman wrote on the receipt. “He gave it to us so we could give it to you. God bless.”

Clark was astounded. Of course she’d heard about servers getting wildly large tips, but she never thought one would show up at the Pita Jungle.

$900 will make a big difference for Clark, who is expecting a baby on January 8. Paid parental leave is almost unheard of for servers in the foodservice industry. Clark’s fiance also works in foodservice and went in for leg surgery last week, so he won’t be working for a while until he recovers from that.

When Clark saw the amount on the bill, it took her a minute to process what had just happened.

“I couldn’t believe what I was looking at at first because it was such a high amount. $900 is a lot of money. It took a while for it to set in, and once it did I cried for a little while,” she said to CBS News.

Giving a huge tip like that is such a generous gift to someone who is basically a total stranger, and Clark says it will make a huge difference in her life for the next couple months.