Animal Lovers Are Buying Everything on This Pregnant Orangutan’s Target Baby Registry

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What to put on the baby registry is a top-of-mind issue for expectant mother, and it looks like a mom-to-be in Texas has a good start with her Target registry, even though she’s an orangutan.

According to CBS 8, last week the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas, announced that a lady orangutan named Mei was expecting a new baby. That’s exciting news on its own, but then the zoo also mentioned that Mei was going to have a baby shower on December 18 and that people could buy gifts from the pregnant orangutan’s Target baby registry, and everybody was like, “Wait, what? What does an orangutan need to register for?”

Mei’s Target registry is actually pretty robust. She’s asking for bowls, blankets, and toys, but also a lot of books and CDs. Her list requests the director’s cut of Space Jam, a new Adele CD, a new Dolly Parton CD, and a Britney Spears body spray.

Aerosol air fresheners are a huge part of the registry, and zookeepers say it’s because they like to use air fresheners to help the animals maintain their senses of smell and practice stalking. They’ll spray the different parts of the enclosure with different smells so the orangutans will go, “What’s that?” and go investigate.

Orangutans apparently like looking at picture books, so this list also includes books like Goodnight Moon and Harold and the Purple Crayon. The zookeepers say that orangutans are very much like people, so caring for a baby orangutan is a lot like caring for a newborn baby human. Now I really want to cuddle a baby orangutan.

The registry even asks for bubble bath, and the idea of a baby orangutan getting a bubble bath is so cute I can’t deal. I’m getting ready to send that baby bubble bath, just because the visual in my head is so adorable.

This will be Mei’s second baby, and the idea of having a registry for a second baby might set Miss Manners’ head on fire, but zookeepers say that everyone who sends a gift for Mei’s baby shower will be getting thank-you notes with drawings by Mei and the baby’s father, KJ.

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