Viewers Shower Pregnant Meteorologist With Body-Shaming Hate Mail

global-bc-news-screen-grabOne of the most obnoxious parts of being pregnant is the way strangers feel entitled to touch and comment on your body. Usually, people have good intentions, but some of them are just plain rude and demeaning and the things they say can be deeply hurtful. One Canadian mother-to-be knows that all too well.

According to The Province, Global B.C. News meteorologist Kristi Gordon has been receiving ‘shocking, vicious’ hate mail from many of her station’s viewers regarding her pregnancy weight gain. Even worse? It’s not the first time.

”We were expecting this, because it happened to me last time when I was pregnant. As I got bigger I started getting more and more bad notes and emails from people,” Gordon said, which is why when she first announced her second pregnancy on the air she pleaded with viewers to ”please be nice to me.”

The viewers definitely ignored her pleas. Late last week, Gordon sat down on air and read some of the ugly messages she’s gotten. Here are a few examples:

”Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you.”

”Your front end looks like the Hindenburg and your rear-end looks like a brick sh””house. We now turn off Global.”

”Buy some decent clothes and have more respect for your unborn child.”

Nothing says you’re super mature and leading a spectacular life like sending hate mail to a pregnant woman, am I right? Honestly, these people sound like middle schoolers. I know they probably aren’t, but I don’t want to believe there are grown adults out there who do things like this. It makes me want to climb into a rocket ship, exit the atmosphere, and then turn around and punch the world.

Pregnant and post-pregnant bodies aren’t gross, but more importantly, they are not public property. A woman doesn’t lose rights to herself the moment a child is conceived. She doesn’t need your gross comments or your rude advice. She really doesn’t need you to do anything except mind your business. The day after Gordon read some of the messages on air, one of her coworkers defended her, telling viewers, “Don’t call. We don’t care how you feel about Kristi’s pregnancy…shut up!”

Now that is good advice.

(Photo: Global B.C.)

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