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An Epic Love Story About A Pregnant Couple With Science Told With Stock Photos

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And saved money so they could one day buy a house:




All their dreams were coming true:



One day rachel noticed that CMJ was working a lot more than usual. He always tried to get home by six so they could have a bowl of soup together:



It was one of their favorite things to do together in the new house.

Rachel called him at his laboratory and CMJ asked that she come there right away!

“I’m on my way honey!” Rachel exclaimed.

Rachel arrived at his science place and she found CMJ hard at work with many test tubes and beakers and science equipment and a stethoscope. He asked to examine her because he recently had begun developing new ways to feed pregnant women and also solve world hunger.



“I love how scientific you are being also I am happy that one day the world hunger problem may be solved I am so happy I married you!”

CMJ was distracted and went back to work and Rachel went home alone. She was starting to be concerned about his long hours at his lab and also how he no longer took her to the beach, where they had always enjoyed spending time together.



Rachel went to bed alone wondering what had happened to the man she married and gave her heart to. They seemed to be fighting a lot over little things and CMJ seemed distracted by work and solving the world hunger issue.


Rachel fell asleep and the next morning she woke to find CMJ had never returned from the lab. She went downstairs to her new kitchen to make breakfast and discovered terrible things had happened.

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