Pregnant Ladies Are Flocking to This Pizza Because They Say It Has Pregnancy Inducing Power

Those who have found themselves at the 40 week mark with nary a sign of labor in sight know you’ll often try anything to get your baby out. People have tried inducing labor by having sex, exercising, getting acupuncture, stimulating their nipples, eating spicy foods, taking various herbs and tinctures, and ingesting evening primrose or castor oil. And then of course, you can always just have your doctor strip the membranes. These are all valid options, though most have not been entirely proven to work. Regardless, ladies out in North Carolina are using another approach: eating pizza to induce labor.

Pizza? Say What?

According to Redbook Mag, ladies have been flocking to Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte for years in order to coax their babies into the world. And according to many, it really does work. One mama, Al Aldrich, tried it years ago.

“I had always heard spicy foods could do it, so we ordered the pizza at 6 p.m. and by 10 that night, I was in labor,” Aldrich said in an interview with People. The pizza in question, by the way, is the buffalo wing pizza, which features a medium-hot house-made buffalo sauce atop chicken and mozzarella cheese. And apparently, it’s just hot enough to inspire babies from all over to make their exit just after eating. In fact, Aldrich herself went into labor just shortly after having some. And a few weeks after that, Aldrich’s neighbor also tried the pizza inducing labor method, and had her water break after noshing on the magical pie.

The pizza’s mystical capabilities were used a few years later by another friend of Aldrich’s, Henley Schmeidel (who happens to be a pediatric nurse). Schmeidel went into labor hours after enjoying a few spicy slices. It wasn’t long before the pizza trend went viral, and now Hawthorne’s is seeing heavily pregnant ladies coming from all over in hopes of going into labor.


Honestly, there are much more uncomfortable and way less pleasant ways to try and kick start labor than pizza. Wouldn’t it be cool if doctors actually took this seriously and performed an actual study on the buffalo pizza’s effectiveness on inducing labor? Would you try this method out? Shoot us a line and let us know.

(Image: Unsplash / Nirzar Pangarkar)

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