A Non-Pregnant Victoria’s Secret Angel Is Trying To Dress Like Pregnant Kim Kardashian

Pregnant Kim Kardashian out and about in Beverly HillsGoodness knows pregnant Kim Kardashian has been getting so much flack about her pregnant body these days. But whatever “beached whale” comments the public has stored up for the soon to be mommy, a very un-pregnant Victoria’s Secret model is apparently taking her style cues from KK — “beached whale” and all. And while I don’t think all pregnant women need to be teetering around in heels, I’m all for this “imitation as the sincerest form of flattery” fashion compliment. In contrast to all the poking and prodding regarding women’s “garbage disposal” pregnant physiques, the world could use some more pregnant style icons.

Us Weekly reports that Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge was wandering around New York City in “the same exact ensemble pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian wore while shopping for furniture in L.A. on Feb. 27.” And right down to the accessories:

Both Aldridge, 27, and Kardashian, 32, paired their patterned $1,563 Givenchy dress with a black leather jacket and open-toed booties. 

Aldridge, a mother herself  to 9-month-old Dixie Pearl, reportedly made the ensemble her own by choosing red lipstick and adding a fedora. Still, if she wanted to copy Kim Kardashian right down to the nude lipstick and ponytail, I’d say go for it.

Generally, the only time we culturally tend to talk about pregnant women style is the vein of the bump their concealing, which clothes they can fit into, and how much weight they’ve gained. But a nod to a stylish maxi dress from one non-pregnant lady — a Victoria’s Secret model no less — to another pregnant lady speaks volumes in an otherwise fat-shamey conversation.

(photo: WENN.com)

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