Pregnant Kim Kardashian Hits The Gym Early To Get To Court Only To Have Her Ex-Husband Be A Huge No Show

pregnant Kim KardashianHow pissed would you be if – at six-ish months pregnant — and after getting up to work out early, you waddled into court and found out your ex decided not to show up to court? Damn it, Kim Kardashian — you could’ve gotten an extra 30 minutes on that elliptical. Or maybe added some stuff to your baby registry. Way to eff up your morning.

TMZ reports that Kim was “punctual” to her 8:30 a.m. (PST) court appointment despite working out beforehand. But Kris Humphries didn’t even show up:

Sources connected with Kris tell us … he was in NYC at 1 AM today, and looked “extremely upset.”  As we reported, he’s supposed to be in an L.A. court today for a settlement conference and his attendance is required. The first flight out of JFK today is at 6:00 AM ET, arriving at 9:15 AM PT.  Here’s the problem.  The settlement conference is set for 8:30 AM PT.  Even if the flight is on time, he’d be at least 2 hours late.We checked with JFK to see if flights were cancelled because of weather last night — maybe Kris could use mother nature as his excuse.  But the airport was operating, so it looks like he’s screwed.

Bear in mind that this is reportedly a mandatory settlement conference. As in show up. Hell, even the pregnant lady being lambasted daily about her weight showed up.


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