Kate Middleton Took Her Pregnancy To The Race Track

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pregnant kate middletonIn more non-stop updates on pregnant Kate Middleton‘s every dog walk, purchase, pregnancy craving, and iota of being — soon-to-be mommy likes them horses! Or at least someone over at Buckingham Palace had “horse race attendance while pregnant” written into that Princess contract.

The Daily Mail reports that Kate Middleton attended the Cheltenham on the very last day of races. Prince William was also in attendance but he’s not the The Royal Fetus Carrier — as I’m waiting for the press to start calling her — so who cares.

Because it’s cold outside, Kate Middleton was wearing a coat (which she still was not busting out of — which will probably warrant more disappointed tabloid articles on that “where’s my bump?” entitlement). Turns out, they’re actually being nicer to her these days:

Wearing a pretty dusky pink wool coat by Joseph paired with a bow-trimmed felt hat by heritage British brand Lock & Co, Kate looked the picture of health – a world away from when she was admitted to hospital for acute morning sickness at the end of last year. 

The royal couple reportedly cheered on horsie, Monbeg Dude. Kate Middleton is also apparently feeling better these days in between her decaf Starbucks visits and fetus naming. In other news, she probably breathed air.