Pregnant Jessica Simpson In Talks With Weight Watchers

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“I’m definitely bigger than I’ve ever been…[but] I’ve never felt so connected with my body in my life,” a pregnant Jessica Simpson said recently. Pregnancy will do that to a person, which is pretty cool. What’s not so cool is the fact that this same person is now in talks with Weight Watchers for a $4 million deal to shed those pregnancy pounds.

Us magazine reports that under the contract, 31-year-old Simpson would have one year to use the point-counting program to “lose a significant amount of weight,” according to an insider. She’d then acts as spokesperson for the company and appear in ads (a la Jennifer Hudson).

What irks me about this deal is the added pressure placed on Simpson, who’s not due until next spring and who should be enjoying this time rather than obsessing over her weight for once. I’m not naive – I get that this is how business works; that the media is going to scrutinize her weight no matter what; and that we perhaps shouldn’t feel too badly for Simpson since she’ll get $4 million out of the deal.

But I do think it’s sad that Simpson will be forced to obsess all that much more over her weight. Remember, people, this is a pregnant person we’re talking about – even a normal, healthy woman is going to put on some weight and not lose it three minutes after giving birth, despite what the Miranda Kerrs of the world might show us.

Simpson, who’s expecting her first child with ex-NFL star Eric Johnson, has been pretty open about her pregnancy despite initially demanding $500,000 to make the news “official.” She’s discussed everything from her pregnant farting issues to her plan to deliver this baby in 4-inch YSL heels (so Rachel Zoe – I love it!). It’ll be interesting to see how she handles the whole weight thing and the public scrutiny that comes along with it – especially if this Weight Watchers deals go through.

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