Stop Concern-Trolling Pregnant Holly Madison’s Corseted Costume, It’s No Worse Than Wearing A Belly Band

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Holly MadisonThis past weekend, Holly Madison did the same thing she’s been doing since she popped up in our cultural awareness six years ago. She wore a sexed-up costume of something that seems innocent or childish and she got her picture taken. I’m not knocking Holly. I think it’s impressive that she’s made a career out of this. But the woman has been wearing sexy princess, sexy animal, sexy historical figure, sexy nursery rhyme get-up for a while now. This weekend, the trend continued with a Sleeping Beauty costume and a trip to Disneyland. However, everything is different this time, because Madison is pregnant and the costume included what looked like a corset. Cue the concern-trolling.

It didn’t take long after the Vegas performer posted pictures of her trip to Instagram for media outlets like E! to start asking, “That’s quite the bodice on the expectant mom, isn’t it?” Already, The Daily Mail has stoked the controversy by opening their piece saying, “She’s said to be four months pregnant. But that didn’t keep Holly Madison from squeezing her growing baby bump into a corseted Sleeping Beauty costume.” Right in line, their commenters are asking, “Isn’t it a little dangerous to wear a corset or something that squeezes your belly while you’re pregnant?”

Well before this nonsense goes any further, let me be the first to tell all those concerned citizens out there worried about the effects of a corset on a pregnant woman, “No, it is not dangerous.” In fact, my doctor actually suggested that I get something much like a corset to hold my stomach in, because it helps pregnant women with back pain.

There is a maternity line for Spanx. Every pregnant woman in the world knows what “Belly Bands” are. Google “maternity support belt” and you will find any number of products that act a whole lot like a corset. Babies are protected by a whole lot of womb, especially when you’re only four months along, like Holly is. Some tight fabric holding you into a dress might not be the comfortable thing that ever happened to your stomach, but it’s nothing for people to get upset about.

Currently, Holly is still performing in her Vegas burlesque show Peepshow. I kind of doubt that this is the only corset that’s been cradling her growing tummy. And I bet she’s also become a pro at hiding at that little tummy, since her topless character definitely didn’t get a pregnancy written in to the script. Holly’s Facebook page says she still has six shows left before she leaves the review.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, let’s all calm down about wearing a dress with a corset while pregnant. The idea that it’s going to hurt her child is a little ridiculous. In fact, let’s stop talking about her stomach all together. She’s only four months along. We haven’t even seen a tasteful nude pregnancy shot yet, guys. But really, the platform heels this woman is wearing are probably more dangerous to her health than that corset was. Where’s the Daily Mail article about that? Oh wait, here it is.

(Photo: Facebook)