Pregnant Claire Danes Wins Best Actress Emmy ‘Holla!’

Pregnant Claire Danes looked gorgeous last night when she accepted her award for Best Actress in a Drama Series for Homeland. Ever since My So Called Life aired in the mid-90’s it’s like Claire Danes has grown up with us! And now she is in an awesome TV show and is winning awards and having a baby, awwww. I’m almost exactly like Claire Danes, except instead of winning best actress Emmy awards I won a coupon for 25 cents off yogurt on my grocery store receipt and that one time I spent a few hundred dollars on Latisse I spilled most of it on my bathroom counter after using it for two weeks. Claire Danes is a much better Latisse spokesmodel then I am.

Wearing a mustard yellow dress by Lanvin that she called “bump friendly” the gorgeous Danes gave a special shout out to, ”my husband, my love, my life, my baby daddy,” her husband, actor Hugh Dancy, 37 during her acceptance speech. It should also be noted that Mommyish’s own Lindsay Cross  finds Hugh Dancy “adorable” and she “f’n loves him” — which is how Lindsay swears. I agree that both Claire and Hugh make an adorable couple and I’m sure they will have a super cute baby  but then Meghan Keane interjected with this reminder of celebrity gossip because she wanted to ruin me gushing about Claire Danes and and Lindsay not-swearing about how much she loves Claire’s husband. Celebitchy says:

Claire Danes is a prime example of the old adage ”If they did it with you, they’ll do it to you.” She hooked up with Billy Crudup on a movie set while he was with seven months-pregnant actress Mary Louise Parker and she was with adoring Australian singer Ben Lee. These two cheaters set up house together, but then Danes cheated on Crudup three years later  predictably with one of her co-cast members, Hugh Dancy.

Thanks for dashing the dream Meghan. I’m going to be hopeful that everyone is done with that partner-swapping nonsense but if Claire decides to dump her husband for her Homeland co-star Mandy Patinkin I will totally understand that because he is f’n adorable.

(Photo: Wenn)

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