Yeah, If A Doctor Told My Teen Son He Was Pregnant He’d Be Pissed Too

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shutterstock_121250239In Kazakhstan, a 15-year-old boy and his family sued a local hospital because he was diagnosed with pregnancy. The teenager, who went into the hospital with kidney problems, was told he was pregnant, given a handful of prescriptions, a bill for $330 and sent on his merry way.

From The Times Of India:

The teenager was discharged with a medical prescription that listed pregnancy among his health issues.

The prescription was a mistake by an overworked doctor, not a medical discovery of the millennium, the hospital’s director explained.

But the confused teenager still took the prescribed medication for a while, which, his family claimed, gave him a severe allergy while doing nothing to alleviate kidney problems.

The Aldashevs sued the hospital for 10 million tenge ($66,000), but the court slashed the sum upon reviewing the case.

This story is so crazy to me because as a mom of a teenager if a doctor told him that he was pregnant I’m sure he would have, you know, said something about it, like “No, I can’t be pregnant because I am a dude” or something.  Or wouldn’t the kid’s parents, upon hearing the doctor’s diagnosis, drag him back into the hospital and demand a re-check? I’m not a medical doctor, but even I know boys can’t get pregnant. Yes, we can all assume that it’s alarming that medical care is so sketchy in some parts of the world that these types of diagnoses are made, but it would have been far worse had they actually tried to give him a c-section or something.

Thus far, the boy and his family have only received compensation for the medical bill, and no awards for his pain and suffering. It’s reported that the confused boy continued taking the prescriptions and suffered an allergic reaction to them.

I actually asked my teen what he would say and his reply was: “Well, wait, Mom, I’m a boy. ” and then I further explained the story to him and his new reply was “That’s the last time I’m eating at that restaurant.”

He then told me it was a weird question and went upstairs and blared music. Thanks a lot for making my kid think I’m weird, strange news story from Kazakhstan.

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