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Hey There Is A Pregnant Baby Doll That Won’t Make The Top Toys Christmas List

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You guys! It’s a baby in a baby! I wish we could buy this thing at our local toy emporium so we could all be creeped out by it together but it’s a one-off creation by UK-based artist Darren Cullen for an upcoming art show called Moral Holiday. Cullen’s disturbing creation was intended as a commentary on reality shows cashing in on teen pregnancies. The box features awesome slogans like “Cravings!” and “Waters Really Break!”  It includes milk bottles, warm towels, and stretch marks on the doll.

I really, really want her.

You can purchase Baby’s First Baby on etsy for a mere $908.19 and she features “non-stop reproductive action!”  Batteries are not required for this doll and even though art is expensive it would be awesome to have her on my mantle. Plus, I could use her to terrify my own children about unplanned pregnancies!

I had a Pregnant Midge doll I was saving to pay for my kid’s college tuition but then I ended up letting my daughter play with her and I have no idea where she is. But Midge was not a baby doll, she was one of Barbie’s friends and you could remove her tummy and take out the baby nestled inside of her plastic uterus. I’m not sure why parents were so furious about Midge. Midge was married and had a tiny plastic wedding ring and was happily married and was a mom to a three-year-old. I guess some parents thought she would promote underage pregnancy but I’m not convinced that girls have babies because Barbie’s friend does. Most young girls understand that Barbie and her friends are plastic dolls. I think most unplanned pregnancies are the results of people having sex, not playing with dolls. But then again, I’m not a doctor.

This pregnant baby doll is a creepy commentary on how young girls are getting pregnant and television shows like Teen Mom, all though they can show examples of the harsh realities of being a young mother, also tend to glamorize the life of young girls who have babies at a young age. There are many teen moms who are excellent mothers and who are able to raise happy, confident children while furthering their own lives and sometimes what a lot of society views as a “bad situation” ends up being wonderful. There is, of course, the opposite scenario of young girls who get pregnant and the situation ends in tragedy. 

I’ve written on Mommyish about how I don’t want any woman to get pregnant before they’re ready. This pregnant baby doll is just another example of how the conversation can take place using visual art  to form a baby having a baby.