‘Pregnant And Dating’ Premieres Tonight And I Am Totally DVR-ing It

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Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 4.23.53 PMThe WE network has a new reality show whose title probably makes most people want to cringe. It’s called Pregnant and Dating. When I first read about it on our site I winced a little. Now, I think it’s kind of awesome.

Traditionally, love is followed by marriage  and then along comes motherhood, but in this fresh new original series, viewers join these fearless five as they experience the modern day dating game with a baby on board. The spotlight will be on all the drama, conflict and inherent comedy that ensues when these very spirited and single moms-to-be embark on their quest to find Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now.

Refusing to accept stereotypes, these women thoughtfully manage a combination of active hormones, overbearing families, inattentive fathers-to-be and a slew of dates both rocky and redeeming, as they put together their most modern of families.

Obviously I am very aware that the network put this together for the mere shock factor of a woman daring to hit the dating scene with a baby on board. But I have to say, it’s a pretty progressive move. While I can’t understand wanting to court someone while I feel so hormonal and my body takes on proportions and shapes that I am not used to – hats off to women that can handle it.

When I heard the title I pictured some bizarre Bachelor episode, but thankfully it’s not a dating competition. It’s a show that follows a few pregnant women on their journey to find someone. Frankly, I’m pleased with anything that takes a pregnant women out of the box that she is usually in. You know the one. The “all you are is a vessel for this growing fetus” box. That box is total bullshit. There are plenty of men who sow their seeds and then move on before the baby is even born. Nobody thinks twice about these men. Remember Billy Crudup and Mary Louise Parker? He left a pregnant Parker and gallivanted off with Claire Danes - and although I’m sure a lot of people thought he was a huge douche – it was really no big whoop. Why can’t women move on when they are pregnant, too?

As long as this show doesn’t devolve into a bunch of weirdos fetishizing the pregnant body, or a series of crying fits and ice-cream binges – I think it will be okay. Maybe. The pregnancy hormones may be clouding my judgement, here.

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