Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio Flaunts Her Baby Bump At Work, Unlike Most Women

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pregnant alessandra ambrosio Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio is expecting her second baby with fiancé businessman Jamie Mazur and recently, the supermodel brought something that most nameless, faceless models wouldn’t dare bring to the job: a belly.  The soon-to-be mommy walked in a runway show in Brazil despite her “condition,” sauntering up and down the stage in red lips, big heels, and the visible suggestion of a baby. 

Alessandra, who announced her pregnancy last month, walked in a runway show for Brazilian fashion company Colcci with her tiny baby bump as a noteworthy accessory. She wore a loose-fitting denim dress (pictured here) and a slouchy knitted top with brown shorts.

The model openly admitted to lying to the booker for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion in November, citing weight gain over pregnancy for fear that she couldn’t walk in the show. While women hiding their pregnancies in order to keep their jobs is a  time-honored trend that should not be perpetuated in the workplace, Alessandra’s tiny belly reminds us that for women who are able to exploit their pregnancy as a press opportunity, these rules no longer apply. After all, who gets a career boost by pregnancy other than women with careers in the public eye? The narrative of pregnancy and motherhood have proved endlessly lucrative and alluring to the public who just can’t get enough of famous women on the verge of baby-time.

Alessandra is just one of a string of recent top models to bring pregnancy into fashion like Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bündchen who use their impending births and babies to snag covers, the attention of journalists, and paparazzi with pregnancy diets and of course the obligatory “post-baby workout secrets.” But even if these ladies are suddenly fracturing the notion that mothers can’t be stylish or sexy, their fashion-clad bumps remind us that unless you’re a flaming media opportunity, a pregnancy at the workplace isn’t really all that fashionable.