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10 Flawless Pregnancy Styles That Are Almost Impossible To Pull Off

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Full disclosure—as I type, I am wearing the same yoga pants that I have worn for three days in a row. I just wanted to lay everything out on the table because I’m not exactly sure I am the person you should be taking style cues from. (But in my defense, I bought these yoga pants online from Frederick’s of Hollywood!)

The not so funny thing is that my mom wardrobe has not changed one iota since I got pregnant. I have worked at home the entire time, and I have also worn yoga pants or some variation for every single day of the past three years. That thought should make me sad, but I find it strangely comforting. I just love yoga pants so much.

Since I rarely dressed up to go out and about while pregnant, these pregnancy styles are entirely foreign to me. I’m kind of jealous that these pregnant models can look so beautiful as they walk happily down the street since I was prone to sweating profusely, even in the midst of a Polar Vortex.

If you’re not a naturally stylish pregnant lady, you can use these fashion pics as inspiration or to make you feel even worse about your yoga pants and belly band:

1. Pregnant Hipster Makes Pregnancy Look Easy.

preg12. This Pregnant Maxi Is So Right It Can’t Be Wrong.

preg23. Whimsical Pregnant Lady Must Make An Effort To Show Off Her Itty Bitty Baby Bump.

preg34. I’m Just A Cool Pregnant Chick Wearing Boyfriend Jeans On The Street, Whatevs.

preg45. Stylish Pregnant Blazer Makes Everything Right.

preg56. Super Adorable Pregnant Lady—Though I’m Skeptical About The Shoes.

preg67. She Makes Pregnant In Heels Look So Easy.

preg78. This Is EXACTLY How Every Pregnant Office Worker Looks For Nine Long Months.

preg89. The Elegant Royal Bump Makes Us Mortals Look Like Idiots.

preg910. Now That’s The Gisele We Love To Hate—Putting All Other Pregnant Bitches To Shame.


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