21 Royal Pregnancy Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow

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Keep those feet covered

meghan markle

Image: Instagram / @kensingtonroyal

No matter how swollen Meghan’s poor pregnant feet become, she will not be allowed to wear open-toed shoes. She must preserve appearances and keep those feet covered up, along with her growing bosom. Covering up so that your body isn’t falling out of your clothes, as a royal makes sense. There has to be a modicum of integrity and decorum but depriving a pregnant woman of comfortable is just cruel. We’ve even heard of some desperate moms to be impulse purchasing CROCS in a crisis when motherly feet became too swollen and caution and heels had to be thrown to the wind or in the garbage, whichever was nearer. Not saying we know who did such craziness but there have been rumors.

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