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13 Pregnancy Memes That Are So Brutally Honest I Can’t Stop Laughing

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No matter how grateful you are to be pregnant, there are some aspects of pregnancy that are just brutal. You’re huge, you’re swollen, and your hormones are out of control. These hilarious pregnancy memes perfectly capture the less-enjoyable aspects of being knocked up.

1. I feel pretty…

2. Who needs shoes, anyway?

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3. Stop. Fucking. Asking.

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5. Pregnancy brain is real.

6. It’s actually impossible.

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7. Negotiate with the terrorist and no one will get hurt.

pregnancy meme

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8. Moving is just so hard.

pregnancy meme

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9. Wash it down with a non-alcoholic drink to really feel cool.

pregnancy meme

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10. When even your mom is on #BeyTwinWatch.

11. Or maybe don’t even ask.

12. I *will* end your life.

13. It should be called, “Always Sickness”

pregnancy meme

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