10 Reasons Why It’s Great Pregnancy Lasts 10 Months

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shutterstock_154059320Oh, you didn’t know pregnancy takes 10, not nine, months? Welcome to the first reason: there is a ton of stuff to learn. For example, a baby generally gestates for 40 weeks, give or take. That’s more than nine months, for any non-math people out there. But growing your knowledge, like growing your baby, is only half the fun. Read on for all the reasons why it’s great that pregnancy lasts 10 months.


(1) There’s a lot to learn, and decide, about.

To baby wear or not to baby wear? To circumcise or not to circumcise? To co-sleep or not to co-sleep? Hamlet had it easy. In addition, there are hospital tours to take, books to read, and childbirth classes to attend. You have to pick a pediatrician, contemplate a birth plan, decide which DVDs to play in the delivery room, along with researching car seats, strollers, and carriers. Forty weeks is almost enough time to give you a PhD in mommy worrying.


(2) You might need to change your taste in music. 

I have sweet visions of leaning over my baby and softly singing a lullaby while he fondly gazes up at me. Alas, I know only three songs by heart: “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” by Nirvana, “Head On,” by the Pixies, and “Get It Together,” by the Beastie Boys. Why, yes, I did come of age in the 1990s. Thank goodness I have 10 weeks left to master “Toora Loora Loora.”


(3) You get to indulge your loutish behaviors.

I’m not talking about smoking or drinking, of course. I’m talking about jay-walking, gossiping, using “fuck” as an all-purpose conversation filler, maybe even a little mild shoving when trying to get off the subway. In other words, all the tiny things you probably do every day that you don’t necessarily want your kid modeling. Do them now, while your fetus couldn’t care less.


(4) It takes a while to baby-proof the house.

Actually, I wouldn’t know. I live in a 700-square-foot apartment. But I had no idea how many sharp corners, electrical outlets, power cords, loose cat litter, and choking hazards it contained. I did have some idea of the number of cat toys, though. If you live in a house, you might wish pregnancy lasted 80 weeks. It will probably take that much time to get up the energy to vacuum.


(5) A full-term pregnancy gives you more time to enjoy maternity clothes.

Maybe our moms or grandmothers had to wear muumuus, but we ladies have far more options these days, from skinny jeans with a demi-panel to one-shoulder flowy numbers perfect for prom. If I’d known how comfortable elastic-waist pants were, I might have gotten pregnant sooner. Bring on the burritos!

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