15 Pregnancy Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier Through Every Trimester

Ohhhh, the roller coaster that is pregnancy. So many highs and lows! So many things that happen, many of them incredibly unpleasant! There’s not some miracle cream or pill or pillow that is going to make your pregnancy easier, I’m afraid. But, don’t fret just yet! Eons of pregnant women have gone before you, and along the way, they’ve made some pretty helpful discoveries. These pregnancy hacks won’t make it all better, but they will make life a bit more manageable (and they’ll save you some money, too).

Pregnancy hacks are little things you can do to make your life just a little bit easier.

1. The most common hack involves your jeans and a hair tie.


I never bought maternity jeans, because honestly I don’t wear jeans enough to justify the purchase. But I absolutely used this hair tie hack to get the most out of the pants I already owned! You don’t need that giant belly panel. All you need is a hair band: loop it through the buttonhole, and wrap it around the button on your jeans, to give your growing belly just a bit more breathing room.

2. Those grabber things aren’t just for the bed-bound or elderly, LOL.


Listen, own your laziness. Have you ever seen a pregnant woman struggle to get up off the couch? No one needs that. Once we sit, we stay. Get you a grabber arm so you can get water, the remote, or whatever else you need without having to hoist your heavy body out of the comfort of your couch cushions.

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3. OK, so full disclosure: this is one of those pregnancy hacks that did not work for me. But I’ve heard good things from other women!


Supposedly, apple cider vinegar works wonders for heartburn (which you will very likely have, so sorry). My heartburn was of the HOLY SHIT I AM DYING variety, so it didn’t do much for me. But it’s an age-old remedy, and it can’t hurt to try.

4. I didn’t do this but I so wish I had.


One of the worst parts about pregnancy is that you can’t sleep on your belly. I am a belly sleeper, and I don’t think I got a single night’s sleep in comfort once that belly popped out. Using an inflatable inner tube to sleep? GENIUS. Bonus: throw that bad boy in the pool and float your cares away.

5. That belly is going to get really heavy, so give it some support.


Pregnancy hacks take things you likely already have or will definitely use again, and repurpose them for pregnancy. An ice pack strap will fit right under your burgeoning belly and provide a little relief.

6. No need to spend money on one of those belly bands when you have old tank tops lying around.


As your tummy moves out, your shirts move up! You can buy some longer shirts, or you could make your own belly band to cover your tummy. It’s as easy as cutting an old tank top (and we all have some of those lying around) and putting it on under your shirt. Or you could just rock the bare belly, I did plenty of that, too.

7. Morning/day/night/all the damn time sickness sucks. Keep yourself hydrated when you can’t keep anything down.


Unfortunately, morning sickness is one of those pregnancy symptoms that is hard to combat. When you’re having a hard time keeping anything down, make yourself some ice pops to suck on so you stay hydrated and replenish lost electrolytes. You can use PediaLyte, Gatorade, Powerade, whatever floats your sick boat.

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8. You might as well use that tummy!


Call it a pregnancy hack, call it laziness, whatever. The belly shelf is just sitting there, begging you to hold shit on it. Some pregnancy hacks are easier than others, and this one is at the top of that list.

9. Seat belts save lives, but they can also be uncomfortable AF when you get bigger. When you don’t have a pillow, this will work in a cinch.


They’re so tight and can rub your sensitive belly the wrong way, but obviously, you need to wear your seat belt. Put a little cushion between your skin and belt with a travel pack of tissues.

10. Kinesio tape isn’t just for athletes!


I was pregnant in the dead of summer, so honestly, wearing one of those bulky support belts was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Kinesio tape can offer support for your growing belly, is easy to put on and get off, and let’s be honest, it looks cool as hell.

11. Another pregnancy hack for morning sickness: motion sickness bands!


Sea bands can take the edge off and help with that rolling feeling you get right before the barfs hit. Again, it’ll be hit or miss for a lot of women, but it’s worth a goddamn try.

12. Say NOPE to mopping or sweeping when you’re pregnant. Get you some sweeper slippers instead.


You’re going to be shuffling around anyway, might as well clean those floors while you do it! This one is hilarious, but also kind of genius and I want a pair now even though I’m not pregnant and will never be pregnant again.

13. A Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow can make your days and night so much more comfortable.


All the belly-lying and sleeping will belong to you! You can get a Cozy Bump on Amazon for about $55, which is a steal when you consider the comfort it will bring.

14. Bending over can be an … issue. But apparently we still need to wear shoes.


Cop you an extra long shoe horn to get your feets in their seats. Works for boots, sneakers, flats, everything. So much better than almost passing out after bending over for 3 seconds to try and get your swollen foot in your goddamn shoe.

15. Get as many miles out of your bras as you can, before your boobs explode and you have to retire them.

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Yes, your boobs will get significantly larger. But it’s not just the boob itself. Your entire torso and rib cage are going to expand. So even if your boobs still fit in the cups, you’ll run the risk of completely cutting of the circulation to your lower body trying to hook your damn bra. Get the most out of your old bras as you can with bra extenders.

Pregnancy hacks come in all shapes and sizes (just like pregnant women!). Have you tried any of these! Which pregnancy hack saved your pregnant butt?

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