Mommyish Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts For The Naive Pregger About To Have Her First Kid

If you have an expectant first-time mother on your holiday shopping list, chances are you’re looking at a lot of crap she doesn’t need. Expensive organic baby onesies are nice, I guess, as are those spa certificates. But for those of you who are looking to get an optimum pregnancy gift, you can do better.

If somebody else has already promised her some pre-natal massages or postpartum monthly manicures and what not, fear not. They’re about to be left in the gift-giving dust by you, my friend.

For the record, baby clothes and stuffed animals and diaper cakes are for the baby — not her. While just about anyone would thank you incredulously for a cute pair of booties, this is probably mommy’s last chance to get presents that aren’t actually for the kid. However, that isn’t to say that gift certificates regarding the actual care of the coming newborn aren’t gifts to her. Actual hands on help in the baby care department are vastly underrated for first-time mothers — or any mothers for that matter.

For those of you who simply don’t have the cash necessary for such extravagant gifts, a few other stocking stuffers for late night feedings, postpartum lounging, and simple relaxation have also been included. Whatever you do, just don’t buy them a belly band.

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