There’s Finally A Pregnant ‘Price Is Right’ Model So Feminism Is Clearly Working

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shutterstock_117015331I can honestly say that in all my years of television watching, I’ve never seen a pregnant Price Is Right model. Times have changed, though. Price Is Right model Rachel Reynolds is clearly pregnant and still strutting her model stuff on the set. Do we thank feminism for this, or the huge settlement her colleague won after suing for pregnancy discrimination? Probably both.

In 2012 Price Is Right model Brandi Cochran was awarded $7.7 million in a wrongful termination suit. She claimed that producers rejected her after she tried to return to work after a 2010 termination suit. From ABC News:

Cochran, 41, was pregnant with twins after years of trying to conceive but, she said, the show’s executive producer was not pleased.

“He was mad at me and it was hard to comprehend someone upset that I was having twins,” she told ABC affiliate KABC-TV. “And then I would get questions, ‘How long are you going to work?’ ‘Are you going to work if you get really big?’”

The former model said her co-workers called her a “wide load” and said she would break the set with her added pounds from pregnancy. When Cochran’s baby bump started to show, the producers stopped calling her completely.

“Wide load?” Sounds like something you would hear on a middle school playground, not amongst a bunch of adult co-workers. Models get paid to look good. I understand that. But I also understand that much of what we perceive as “beautiful” is subjective. I personally find curvy women and pregnant women very beautiful. I think it’s beneficial for all women to expand the definition of what a spokes model should look like.

That’s why I’m thrilled that there is a pregnant woman being paid to work as a model on the Price Is Right. And after the whole pregnancy lawsuit and former host Bob Barker‘s legacy of being a lecherous predator, the show can clearly use the PR:

Perhaps anticipating a verdict in last year’s legal proceedings, The Price Is Right also made a show of announcing Ms Reynolds’ pregnancy last September.

In the first episode of season 41, she presents a prize of an iPad bearing images of her sonogram on the screen.

Host Drew Carey is the first to congratulate her as co-workers, another of whom is visibly pregnant, gather round to offer their warm wishes.

Aww. I like the new-and-improved, more socially conscious Price Is Right.

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