The Whisper Challenge Revealed This Guy Was Going to Be a Grandpa, and His Reaction Was Completely Adorable

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pregnancy-announcement-videoIf you get pregnant in 2015 and do not make an announcement video, are you even really pregnant? With all the pregnancy announcement videos out there these days, in order to get any kind of traction at all, a video has to be very, very cute, and this one is.

According to Buzzfeed, Alexa Goolsby made this video of her sneakily telling her parents that she was pregnant. It all started with her convincing them to take the Whisper Challenge, in which one puts a pair of headphones playing loud music and tries to guess what the other person is saying.

Goolsby’s parents were very game to take the challenge, though I am personally of the opinion that her mother knew what was up from the get-go. When Goolsby said, “I’m pregnant,” her mother got it immediately. Her father, however, took some time, and it was pretty hilarious.

“Keep saying it! Keep saying it!” he shouts. He doesn’t know what is going on, but he is really into the Whisper Challenge!

“You are going to be a grandparent.”

“Short shorts? You want me to what!?” Future Grandpa shouts, while Future Grandma giggles, because she already knows exactly what is going on.

He almost gets it several times, but always goes a bit off the rails at the last moment.

“You are going to … the beach! You are going to the beach!”

It’s almost better when he finally does get it, because there’s a moment there where he is so excited about succeeding at the Whisper Challenge that he hasn’t yet parsed that he’s going to be a grandfather. When he does get it, however, his reaction is priceless and adorable. He’s so excited!

The video is adorable, and Future Grandpa looks like he was having so much fun, they might need to put the Whisper Challenge in the Family Game Night rotation from now on.

The whole, adorable video is here: