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19 Of The Most Original Pregnancy Announcement Ideas We’ve Seen Yet

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There are plenty of thoughts that race through your mind when you find out you’re pregnant. First and foremost is, of course, the decision to become a parent or not. If you’ve chosen to go through with the pregnancy, the next step is simple: how do you tell everyone? There are so many people who want to hear the news that a new life is going to enter the world, if you’re lucky to have supportive people in your life. Pregnancy is one of those times where you get a great chance to surprise the ones in your life with good news — and the joy of finding a creative way to share the news is too much fun.

There are plenty of pregnancy announcement ideas floating around on Pinterest and the like. And yes, most of them are totally cute. But maybe cute isn’t really your thing. Or perhaps you’re just looking for something a bit different. That’s why we’ve compiled the most original pregnancy announcement ideas on Instagram. Prepare to get inspired and maybe you will discover some spark for your own announcement idea!

Pets are such a big part of the family, so it makes sense to incorporate them into your pregnancy announcement!

A lot of families start with a fur baby, and you really can’t underestimate how important pets are as members of our families. But when a baby comes along, things can change very quickly! As much as we love our pets, when the baby is born, they require so much of our time and energy and attention. And while we certainly don’t intend for it to happen, that can mean neglecting our fur babies a bit. But if you make it a point to involve your beloved dogs and kitties from the beginning, it can make the transition easier, and make them feel like they’re still at the top of your list. This is one of those pregnancy announcement ideas that has special meaning!

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