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Important Facts About Pregnancy After Age 35

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Is there a stigma?

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Yes, the chances are that older parents will eventually be asked if they’re their children’s grandparents. New York Post explains the reasons why this way, ‘“We have deeply rooted cultural stereotype of what a mother should look like: young, vibrant and healthy-looking,” LaLiberte says. “The idea of somebody ‘grandmother age’ being a mother is anathema to some people. It’s going to take time to eradicate that.” “There is a very common assumption that if you waited until your late 30s or early 40s to have a child, it was because you were focusing on your career. And what is almost always implied is ‘too much,’ ” Twenge says. “For most women that’s not how it goes. You get divorce, you are in a career but you don’t make enough money. Assuming the only factor is ‘hard-driving career women’ is really false. It ignores the complexity of this choice.”’

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