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Important Facts About Pregnancy After Age 35

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More ultrasounds

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There’s nothing like the excitement of seeing a baby ensconced in the womb. It’s magical, no matter how many times you’ve been in the ultrasound lab before. Healthy, normal pregnancies in younger women usually mean only two ultrasounds in the US. For older moms, it’s more likely that they’ll get frequent ultrasounds to closely monitor baby’s growth. Therefore, it’s easier to see the leaps in development and build that visual bond. Penn Live says that, “This ultrasound can show ‘soft markers’ for structural abnormalities, heart defects, defects in the stomach or bone structures…If we find a lot of ultrasound abnormalities, it may be worth doing an amniocentesis to determine if any medical or surgical intervention is necessary either during the pregnancy or at the time of delivery. This is the closest we come to a physical exam of the baby before birth.”

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