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Important Facts About Pregnancy After Age 35

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Kids more likely to reach college

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That’s right, the benefits aren’t all for mom. The children of women who waited to have children until their thirties were more likely to enroll in higher education. Maybe this is because they tend to score higher on standardized tests and rarely drop out of school. This means, just like their mothers, they tend to complete more years of education and, consequently, earn more money. When we called children an investment, we meant it. Think of the way Quartz explained it, “Consider a woman born in 1960 who has one baby when she is 20 and another when she is 40. A lot of things happened in those intervening 20 years, including dramatic improvements in medicine, mortality, and education: the kid born in 2000 is much more likely to go to college than the sibling born in 1980.”

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