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Important Facts About Pregnancy After Age 35

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Even though it’s not what typically comes to mind when people picture pregnant mamas, the fact is that plenty of women get pregnant after 35. Not only do women get pregnant, they can and do go on to have healthy, happy babies. There seems to be a belief around pregnancy outside of a woman’s twenties and early thirties that she’s gambling with both her and her unborn children’s well being. Not only is that unfair, it’s also untrue. In this as in many things, the times are a’changing. Mature conception and pregnancy is becoming more visible thanks to plenty of mamas who are using their voices and platforms to tell their stories.

Studies have found plenty of benefits for pregnancy later in life, past the peak of fertility (which occurs in a woman’s late twenties). We’ll talk about those findings later, but it is important to note that statistically, it may be harder to get pregnant in the age range we’re talking about. It also makes a mama more likely to need to seek out fertility treatment. While that’s the case, there’re plenty of women in their twenties needing the same medical assistance to build their families. As long as everyone is informed, people have a right to invest in the family of their choosing at the time of their choosing.

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