Anonymous Mom: My Kid’s Rectum Prolapsed While Potty Training

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He will insist that he didn’t say something so terror inducing, but I’m the one with the flashbacks, and let me tell you that that is what he said verbatim. Thoroughly freaked out, we whisked our child off of the toilet, to her bemusement and surprise, and laid her out on the floor in the bathroom.

“Oh my god!” I shouted, close to puking, “ohmygodohmygodohmygod.”

It was her anus. Her butt hole was now completely on the outside of her body, along with some other pink stuff that I assume was whatever is directly attached to your pooper.

At this point my husband was frustrated with me because I was gagging and also insisting that we call an ambulance and Googling “my kid’s butt hole fell out” which is the absolute wrong thing to do, when suddenly, with a giggle, the entire thing reversed its journey and sucked itself back up inside of her.

That part was a relief, but in many ways, even more disgusting.

After everyone calmed down, our daughter went to bed and my husband and I stayed up late Googling furiously and learned that partial and even complete rectal prolapse isn’t uncommon in potty training kids or even little infants during the course of a regular deuce, given the development of their muscles. It usually corrects itself immediately and independently, which is what happened with our kid.

We learned that it isn’t recommended to keep your kid on the toilet for too long (which made us feel guilty, because that’s exactly what we did–but we didn’t want to discourage her either) and that you should make sure they aren’t straining.

I took her to the pediatrician anyway as soon as I could the next day, still extremely freaked. The doctor checked her out and there was no evidence that the entire nightmare had even happened, but the she told us very nonchalantly that it could happen again.

Apparently, I was the sole person in this entire situation to be horrified and repulsed by a piece of your body that is supposed to be inside suddenly appearing outside. To my daughter it was nothing. My husband is always fascinated by weird shit like this. My pediatrician had the faraway stare of someone who has seen enough prolapsed rectums to have it not even phase them. I alone was left to think that my kid was now going to have horrible toilet trauma and bathroom complexes.

She doesn’t, of course. She made it out of the potty training experience okay. She doesn’t even remember it, but it still haunts my dreams and sometimes even my waking hours. I will see a donut or hear “o-ring” and go back to that very dark place in my mind.

So if you’re frustrated with potty training remember this: it could be worse. Your child’s asshole could fall out of your their body.

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