Anonymous Mom: My Kid’s Rectum Prolapsed While Potty Training

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potty training rectal prolapsePotty training is one of the parts of parenting that I think everyone begrudgingly accepts has to happen, but no one looks forward to doing. It isn’t one of those milestones that is immediately gratifying, like your child’s first steps or adorable initial attempts at speaking.

Sometimes, potty training happens right away, and your child takes to the toilet like a duck to water. Sometimes it takes a long time. Sometimes it is hellacious and never-ending, and other times it is easy and fairly straightforward.

And then there are the times that your child’s butt hole falls out, which is exactly what happened to my child.

It’s technically called a rectal prolapse, which you can go ahead and Google if you have an iron stomach. Basically what happened is this:

It was a dark and stormy night. We had been potty training for some time, and all of us were frustrated, my daughter included. Part of our potty training routine involved sitting on the toilet before bed, waiting for magic to happen. It almost never did, and she would go in her diaper about ten minutes after falling asleep. On this particular night, she had decided she’d had enough, ripped off her diaper, and insisted on sitting on the pot until she did the doo.

Honestly, we thought it was cute. We would come in to check on her, and she would sort of grunt at us and wave us out of the bathroom. She was clearly not going to call it a night until she produced something, which is why, after about 20 minutes of toilet time, my husband and I were relieved to hear: “Made poop! Made poop!”

We rushed in, ready to make complete assholes of ourselves with a triumphant potty celebration when she pointed between her legs, smiling. We peered in, and sure enough, there was something there.

“Poop?” she asked, eager to please. At first we thought so too, albeit poop that had not completed its journey. My husband, brave soul that he is, leaned in for a closer look.

“That’s not poop,” he said, matter-of-factly. “That’s her insides.”

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