Pot-Shaped Candy: Why Are We Even Debating This?

Last week, we talked about all kinds of Mommy Wars. The traditional working vs. stay-at-home is always popular. New Mommy Wars have emerged, like the Super Mom vs. slacker mom. I talked about the age conflict going on in the fertility waiting room. Free-range vs. attachment, tradionalist vs. co-parenting, extra-curricular activist vs. marketing-challenged “slow family. Really, there are a million ways for moms to divide themselves. But today a controversy erupted that has no business being debated.

Fox News actually has a headline asking, “Does pot-shaped candy prompt kids to light up?” Let me clear up this debate for everyone right now. Yes. Yes, telling kids that eating pot-shaped candy is fine makes them believe that pot is acceptable. It’s the exact same reason that we no longer allow our kids to have candy cigarettes. It advertises that these substances are fun and cool. In reality, we should be warning kids of the dangers smoking brings, no matter what exactly you’re lighting up.

I fully believe that parents should communicate openly and share their ideas. I think that every time we discuss parenting, we learn and grow. Debate makes us think more critically about our ideas and be thoughtful in our decisions. Parents need to encourage, support and challenge each other.

Arguing over pot-shaped candy doesn’t do anything productive for us. Most child development specialists and psychologists are widely criticizing the candy. Few people are speaking up in support of the naughty suckers. But their mere existence in stores across the country means that someone is buying them. Someone out there thinks these things are acceptable.

The only way to completely dismiss this disgusting publicity stunt is to completely ignore it. There’s no buying it. There’s no debating it. All that responsible parents can do is explain to their children just why this candy is so inappropriate and why the drug that inspires it isn’t cool or fun. Other than that, we parents have plenty of valid and interesting discussions to have. Let’s not waste our time with such an obvious cry for attention.

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