40 Posts That’ll Make You Say ‘Me As A Parent’

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Chip Dipped

Me As A Parent, Oops, Chips, Baby

Image: Facebook / Franky Stein

Like the title states, can’t waste food! We’ve all had those moments, with our sweet little babies in our lap. They snuggle and maybe fall asleep, and we snack. But it seems like this baby probably got some sour cream and onion flavored hair gel. Mom (or dad) in this case, knows the value of food in this day and age. It can be pretty expensive. So why waste all that good dip when you can just grab a chip and scoop it right back up again? We’re just hoping baby got a bath after that. Otherwise, they’ll be crawling around smelling like chips and dip!


Midnight Goblins

Midnight, Kids, Me As A Parent

Image: Facebook / Baby Rabies

There is a good chance that we have all gone through this at some point in our parenting journeys. Sure, those horror movies were fun when we were watching them. But those creepy kids and freaky dolls in them? Scary as hell. But we’re older now and have children that can wake up at any hour and look for something to eat or drink. Naturally, if we hear a floorboard creak or a door open, we are obviously going to go check it out. Don’t have a light switch in the hallway? Now you’re just fumbling around, only to run into your mini-me, coming back from their midnight fridge raid.

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