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10 Rebellious New Mamas Who Refused To Wait Six Weeks For Sex

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shutterstock_86103877The moment you pop out a baby is the perfect time to get nailed, right? WRONG. Your doctor will tell you as soon as you have safely delivered your bundle of joy and snuggled and learned to breast-feed that you need to close your legs for a minimum of six weeks postpartum. No sex, no way, no how—for six long weeks.

If you’re not ready for sexy time after having a baby, the general rule is to listen to your body and take your time. Many women report having sex for the first time several months after giving birth—once they feel more comfortable and everything has healed properly.

I was personally fine with the six week rule because I was pretty tired after having a baby. But I know other women feel quite the opposite. Some women aren’t able to have sex while pregnant or are too tired to give it a halfhearted try. Other ladies are just so pumped to have that baby out of their body that they want to bump uglies as soon as they are medically able.

Clearly, not every new mom follows the six-weeks-no-sex postpartum rule. Here are 10 rebellious new moms who wanted to get it on ASAP after having a baby, medical restrictions be damned:

1. Sneaky Sex Before C-Section Checkup.


2. Six Weeks Is Just A Guideline.

sex13. Doing The Deed The Day Of Hospital Release.

sex104. URGENT Sex At One Week.

sex95. Possibly Pregnant At Two Weeks Postpartum.

sex66. Three Weeks Is More Like It.

sex27. “Awesome” Sex At Three To Four Weeks.


8. Dry And Stretchy Sex At Five Weeks: Ruh Roh!

sex49. Five Weeks, Stitches, And Lots Of Lube.

sex510. Gentle Sex And Postpartum Surfing.


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