8 Post-Pregnancy Body Changes No One Tells You About


We all know that certain things about our bodies can change post-pregnancy and possibly, never return to normal. You may have stretch marks, your hips could be wider (forever…sadly), and you could have a teeny belly pouch for the rest of your life (six years post-partum and mine is still holding strong!) However, there are other lesser-known changes that occur in a woman’s body after having a baby that may never go back to their pre-baby self.

1. Hairline That Says Bye-Bye

I have very thick hair and tons of it so imagine my surprise when I not only experienced MASSIVE hair loss after having my son, but my hairline never full recovered from it. He will be six next month and I’m still bemoaning the hairline that was. Sigh.

2. Messed Up Periods

This may return to normal eventually but in talking with fellow moms, it can take years. Mine were incredibly heavy for awhile after having my second kid but did eventually go back to the way they were. Which was still a bloody, annoying mess but not quite as bad.

3. Bladder Betrayal

I was lucky enough to escape this one but I know MANY women who’s bladder control never returned to normal post-baby. That includes c-section moms. Doing jumping jacks in cardio class and wondering if it’s pee or sweat could become a regular thing for you. Don’t fret. It sucks, but is sadly, pretty common.

4. Skin Changes

Like periods, it seems like this does usually go back to normal but I know my skin post-baby was a total mess at times. I felt like a teenager again until my hormones settled in. Some women also get moles or skin tags during pregnancy that never go away. Good times!

5. Clown Feet

I’ve always had big feet for my height and imagine my joy when I gained another half size with each pregnancy! I had an idea this may happen as my mom also went up a size after having us but I didn’t have any other friends that mentioned it. I guess it’s hereditary? And also, super shitty!

6. Frowny Belly Button

Even if you get your stomach relatively back to normal, your belly button may still sag for the rest of your days on this earth. I know mine popped out like a turkey timer both pregnancies and just never got back to it’s former taut and tight days. Now, it frowns at me in the mirror.

7. Hips That Stay Child-Bearing Size

I hear this from many women — that their hips got wider and never went back to their old size, even though they lost all the baby weight. I had bigger hips to begin with so this wasn’t really a thing for me but some of my fellow writers said they got a lot hippier post-baby.

8. Facial Hair Like, Whoa

Hey, you like chin hairs? If you do, you’re in luck! Nearly every woman I know who’s had a baby talks about how they suddenly started sprouting beard hairs either during their pregnancy, or after. This could just be part of aging but it seems tied to the birth of a child pretty often in my circles. The good news is plucking them out can be oddly satisfying. The bad news is….you’re plucking out chin hairs. YES, motherhood!

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