This Mom’s Instagram Account Was Deleted Because She Dared To Post A Photo Of Her Stretch Marks

There’s a lot of things we can see on Instagram. Pigs in clothes. Hot dudes with dogs. Food–oh, so much food. And in spite of Instagram’s famously draconian policy against female nipples, we can even see a lot of mostly naked women there, unless, of course, those women do not fit the conventional standard for what a woman’s body “should” look like. In that case, the body can be deemed indecent and the account can be summarily deleted, as happened to one mother this week after she dared post a photograph of her stomach after having twins.


(Photo: Facebook/HannahGraceMooreX)

According to Buzzfeed, 20-year-old Hannah Moore took a photo of her stomach and posted it to Instagram in an attempt to make herself feel more confident about her body after the birth of her twin daughters.

“Nobody should be judged by their size because everyone is beautiful,” Moore wrote alongside the photo.

Appallingly, Instagram disagreed and her account was deleted “within minutes,” with Instagram citing a failure to follow the site’s policy against “nudity and violence.” But anyone who has spent any amount of time at all looking at celebrity photos on Instagram knows Moore was a lot less nude than many people on Instagram whose accounts were not deleted.

Sarah Stage, the pregnant model with six-pack abs, for example, was allowed to show her post-baby body without incident.

An Instagram spokesperson told Buzzfeed that the deletion of Moore’s account was “a technical error” and that the account would be reinstated, butĀ this is not the first timeĀ Instagram has been accused of having different “decency” standards for women of different body types.

Moore’s post-baby body and her stretch marks are not shameful, and she deserves to feel confident with them. It is ridiculous that a photo of her stretch marks was deleted when other photos baring just as much are left live. If it was a “technical error,” well this kind of “technical error” happens too often on Instagram, particularly when it comes to photos of women’s bodies.

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