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32 Popular Baby Names That Are Often Mispronounced

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Some people could argue that we know how to pronounce “Joaquin” thanks to actor Joaquin Phoenix. However, you would have to hear the actor pronounce his name to know it for sure. And even then it might not be the way you interpret how to say the unique name. “WA-keen” is how the actor says it. The name has Spanish origins and it means “established by God,” says BabyCenter. Baby Name Wizard continues that the name is “derived from the Hebrew Jehoiakim, which is from Yehoyakim (God will establish, God gives strength).” The website suggests saying it like “hwah-KEEN.” And there are likely some people who pronounce the “J” and do their own thing and call it something like “J-oo-ah-quin” or “J-oo-ah-queen.”

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