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32 Popular Baby Names That Are Often Mispronounced

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So many letters. And so many vowels. Not to mention that everything is arranged in such a unique way. If you have ever read an attendance sheet and seen the name Siobhan on it, you might have stressed how exactly to say it. You might suspect there will be silent parts specifically there to trip you up. According to Baby Names of Ireland, it turns out that Siobhan is the Irish form of Joan meaning “God is gracious.” The pronunciation is simply “Shiv-awn.” Some people end up pronouncing it like the color, “cyan.” Other English spellings might make it easier to remember the correct way how to say the common name. They are Chevonne, Shevaun, and Shavon. We know some will want to pronounce the “b,” like “Sigh-o-bahn.”

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