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32 Popular Baby Names That Are Often Mispronounced

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We previously touched on Kirsten in relation to Kristen. But, Kirsten gets its own spot on the list because it is definitely not the same as Kristen. The name does change depending on whether the “i” or the “r” comes after the “k.” Yet, there are a lot of people who get a bit lazy with the English language and think they are one of the same. If you are a Kirsten and you are constantly called Kirsten, it can drive you up the bend. After all, that is not your name. It might seem like small potatoes to people on the outside, but take a second to put yourself in all the Kirstens’ shoes. That could be your daughter. And even when people know it’s Kirsten, there are some who emphasize a “KIER-sten” sound while others go “KUR-sten.”

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