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These Are The Most Popular Baby Names By State

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New York- Emma & Liam

Image: Instagram/camellia.875

For New York, Liam has reigned as the most popular boys name. However, 2017’s Olivia was knocked back for Emma. There’s a famous socialite in New York who’s been on the scene since before her name became trendy. She’s Emma Snowdon-Jones. From all accounts, it seems like Emma is a living Charlotte from Sex and the City.

The Garnette Report says that, “Emma lives the glamorous life of many a childhood dream — swathed in chic designer dresses, she sits front row at the runway shows of those who designed them.  She shared her secret: “You want to stay in good standing with the designers; they’ll loan you the clothes!”  I previously dubbed her a New York Fashion Week veteran, and the label holds; she has been attending New York Fashion Week for the past 7-8 years and attends anywhere from 40 to 50 shows per season.  “You do the math!” she laughed.”

North Carolina- Ava & Noah

Image: Instagram/aabrego1

In North Carolina, Ava and Noah top the popularity lists. Ava is also the name given to a Bronze Age woman found buried in a rare rock vault in the Scottish highlands. At first, the facial reconstruction her finders released had her bearing the signature flaming locks and blue eyes we associate with Scottish ancestry. However, in December of 2018, Ava’s look was updated based on findings in her DNA. Ava, named after the Achavanich area she was discovered in, had dark hair. Her eyes were brown. In fact, despite where she was found, Ava wasn’t Scottish at all. Her family had immigrated to the area, bringing unknown metalworking knowledge to the local people.

Ava, therefore, is an adventurer. That’s a great thing for a baby girl to aspire to.

North Dakota- Olivia & Oliver

Image: Instagram/aloucaconvida

Tristan Thompson of some basketball fame but mostly Kardashian infamy, jumped on the Oliver train, too. His eldest child, the one his ex was pregnant with when he first hooked up with Khloe, is named Prince Oliver. The little boy celebrated his second birthday last December. Unfortunately, Tristan didn’t attend the baby’s big day. It was during the basketball season, and the man doesn’t have the best reputation for involvement with his children. After all, it was rumored the only reason he made it to True’s first birthday was because his own mama made him go. She, sources said, has more contact with his children than he does. At least those cuties have some connection to their paternal family!

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