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These Are The Most Popular Baby Names By State

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Louisiana- Ava & Noah

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Here’s another one we thought would offer a spice of variety to this list of Olivers, Olivias, and Liams. Like with Hawaii, it was not to be. Louisiana, the state famous for Cajun seasoning and French influence, gives us another Ava and Noah. Even a Marie and Maria would have been nice (after all, who doesn’t think of Marie Laveau when they think of Louisiana?). That’s a pretty lasting legacy since the woman lived and practiced her voodoo 200 years ago.

According to Bewitching Names, both Marie and Laveau could be options when naming a baby. They say, “So does Laveau have the potential to be a first name? I’ve been having a hard time finding name statistics for specific cities (with the exception of New York City), so I have no way of knowing if it’s actually used in New Orleans. But, outside of the black community, I don’t really see it catching on. The emphasis on the “oo” sound at the end doesn’t scream “white person living in the suburbs” to me. If the parents are really into macabre creole history, then this would be a great fit for them. If it’s too out there and you still want to honor both Laveau’s, you could always use Marie. Then no one would know the witchy meaning but you.”

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