Pope Francis Skillfully Handles Toddler’s Hat Stealing Adorableness

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Pope Francis

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I am endlessly fasciated with the new Catholic Church’s new pontiff, Pope Francis, who not too long ago took the position (and his name is pretty awesome too, if I might add). As Pope Francis held a young worshiper on Friday, while visiting a medical center, the adorable boy playfully pulled off his white zucchetto, or skullcap, an act that would most definitely be a huge no-no if it wasn’t done by a baby.

For a split second the child seem to marvel at his coop new souvenir, but with all the grace and dignity you would expect from the leader of one ofthe largest religions in the world, Pope Francis quickly retrieved his head piece and placed it back on his head. Earlier this same day, Pope Francis was also given a birthday cake (three days early, but who’s counting?) for his 77th birthday. Awww!

Now, I have written in the past about being an atheist on Mommyish, but I was raised (for part of my childhood, which is a story for another day) Catholic, and I’ve always been torn between my affection for parts of the religion and my worries over the more problematic parts of it. But if anyone can bring to fruition the ideal Catholic church that I’ve imagined, it’s this man, and I not only wish him well, but I admire and respect him.