Professional Poop Donater Is An Actual Thing and You Can Make BANK

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Well, this is super cool! And also super weird! Fecal transplants are used to treat a number of conditions, like autism, multiple sclerosis, and gastrointestinal issues. They’ve been a lifeline for so many people, and are in very high demand. But, you may be wondering where the transplanted poop … comes … from. Turns out, a lot of transplants and fecal treatments are made possible through poop donation. I am 100% serious. People donate their poop to various centers and medical facilities, and in turn, it’s used to help people in need. The most amazing part? You can get paid CASH MONEY for your poop!

Poop donation, as it turns out, can be a pretty lucrative side gig.

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The Centre for Digestive Diseases in Australia pays top dollar for their brown matter (sorry). People who donate their poop can make about $50 a delivery. So for about 5 deliveries a week, that’s $250. That works out to $13,000 A YEAR. I cannot even handle it. Professor Thomas Borody says he performs about 12,000 transplants a year, but donors are hard to come by. By giving them such a great incentive and enticing more people to become fecal donors, he could potentially double the amount of transplants he does.

The fecal transplant process is actually really fascinating.

Once antibiotics wipe out the bad bacteria in a patient’s gut, the transplant provides the good bacteria! One woman named Harriet makes about $200 a week as a poop donor. She said she was drawn to the idea after watching two of her friends battle with irritable bowel syndrome. She drops off her donation every morning, on her way to work. Harriett says she was initially weirded out by the process, but has become used to it. And knowing that each donation helps someone who needs it probably helps!

I know you’re all wondering: what exactly does it take to be a poop donor?

The Centre for Digestive Diseases says the process is pretty straightforward. You’d fill out a form, take a blood test, and submit to three stool tests. You’ll be interviewed about health before they determine if you’re suitable for poop donation. There are some dietary restrictions, though. Donors must be at a healthy weight, and can’t eat shellfish, corn, prawns, oysters, salami, or ham. They also cannot be on antibiotics.

You really don’t think how these incredible medical marvels are made possible. Poop donor is probably pretty hard to explain at a party, but you’re helping people, and that’s what counts!

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