Anonymous Kid: Being Part Of A Polyamorous Family Around The Holidays Is The Worst

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What are the holidays looking like for 2013? Divided again. I’ve been branching out and doing what I’ve wanted for the past few years. Mom has four partners right now, and I know she’s going to want to see the local one on Thanksgiving and another for Christmas or the days leading up to or after Christmas. The fourth relationship is with someone who is outside of the US, so they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. That still leaves three people in her life – locally – and conflicts of interest schedule wise with dad, their girlfriend, her other partners, and her partner’s families. The same applies to their girlfriend. Dad isn’t dating anyone else outside of the triad right now. Dad and the sib are probably going to be the only two at home for Thanksgiving and possibly the other two holidays. Their girlfriend has three other relationships. Judging by prior years, she’ll be traveling during the holidays to see the two long-distance loves.

As for me? Things have changed drastically. I’m not living at my parents’ home. I’m spending my Thanksgiving break in Dallas, and my Christmas break overseas with my dad’s mom and some close friends. I work, and I’ve spent the past year saving for this trip. My dad gave consent. I decided to create my own tradition because I wanted something special – outside of my birthday – to look forward to every year.

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