86% Of Mommyish Readers Don’t Support ‘Personhood’ Bills

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personhoodVirgina may be backing down on their invasive ultrasound bill forcing women to have medically unnecessary ultrasounds prior to getting an abortion — against both she and her doctor’s consent, mind you. But Virginia’s other bill giving constitutional rights to embryos is also reportedly being questioned by fertility experts who find the current draft of the bill threatening to IVF users.

But fertility struggles aside, the majority of Mommyish readers don’t support any part of Personhood Amendments in the first place. When surveyed, 86.2% of readers said that they do not support these measures, which have been voted down in Mississippi and are now popping up in Virginia and Oklahoma.

The results are noteworthy in that they come from parents — those who have carried life, continue to nurture it in their families, and are perhaps considering growing their family. And yet the extreme nature of these bills which presents a threat to not only IVF but also some forms of hormonal birth control divide even the most self-professed pro-life of mothers.

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