If You’ve Got A Wee Baby This Flu Season, You Need This ‘Please, Don’t Touch Me’ Onesie

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Cold and flu season is always the worst, but it can be so much harder when you have a baby. The flu vaccine isn’t recommended for babies under 6 months of age, and lots of parents choose to wait even longer. If you’ve got a wee babe at home, keeping them healthy during flu season is probably your top concern. Especially if they’ve got older siblings at home, or attend day care! Then, of course, there are those lovely people who, for whatever reason, feel it’s appropriate to touch babies. They just reach their grubby hands out and give your baby’s cheeks a squeeze, or rub their heads. What the hell is wrong with people?! Forget for a minute that touching ANYONE without their consent is a big no-no. But spreading your gross germs to helpless infants? Rude. That’s why you need this Please Don’t Touch Me onesie for your babies (and all kids, really!).

Etsy shop TailoredDissent has this adorable Please Don’t Touch Me onesie for sale. I need this in an adult size, stat.

please don't touch me onesie
Image: Etsy/TailoredDissent

Nothing says “Keep your hands to yourself” like a onesie that LITERALLY tells people to keep their hands to themselves. You may think it’s a little harsh, but let’s be honest: some people need to be told! You don’t touch babies, or kids, or other adults without being invited to touch them. And as quickly as flu germs spread, this can mean the difference between a healthy baby and happy family, and a sick baby and a very distressed family.

As an added bonus, the Please Don’t Touch Me onesie can also teach people lessons about consent and body autonomy!

Your toddler might not have the words to tell strangers not to hug them, but this on a t-shirt will do the trick. Like I said, need it in an adult size. The onesie comes in black or pink, in sizes 6m – 24m, and it sells for $19.99. Definitely a good idea for this flu season, and all the time really.

When a blanket over the stroller doesn’t do the trick, get your message across with a Please Don’t Touch Me onesie. People need to learn to keep their damn hands to themselves.

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