Hey Obama, Almost 90% Of Mommyish Readers Support Plan B Over The Counter

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plan bNews for President Obama who recently used his platform as a parent to buckle down on Plan B being overturned. Despite the sign off by the FDA saying that the pill was safe for all girls of childbearing age, Kathleen Sebelius overturned the decision — a move that Obama supported specifically as a “father of two girls.” He expressed that “most parents” would agree with him in his concern for the availability of emergency contraception and that we needed to exhibit some “common sense.”

Well, Mr. President “most parents” around here do not agree with you as a whopping 88.6% of Mommyish readers do think that the pill should be available without a prescription.

plan b parenting pollIf by “common sense” he means restricting the options for girls who have been raped by their boyfriends or who have encountered a broken condom, then a new choice of words is in order. Especially considering that the availability of Plan B could decrease the number of unintended pregnancies in teens as well as abortions. And even though Obama’s fatherhood platform is both demeaning and faulty when addressing the reasoning behind this decision, his assertion that this overturn was made to ease the concerns of parents isn’t flying in this corner of the web.

Sounds more like politics and less a fundamental concern for girls and their well-being.